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Doug Hallberg, SHAPE America’s 2017 Middle School TOY, will take participants through a wide variety of warm-ups, workouts, cooperative activities, and games.  Each activity is designed to get students up and moving, encourage connections between the teacher and the students and to infuse Physical Education content through activity. SHAPE America Middle School Grade Level Outcomes(GLO’s) will be highlighted for each activity and a wide variety of assessment and management strategies (Plagnets, walk and talk, movement maps, self-assessments, peer assessments) will be incorporated.  It should be noted that most of the activities can easily be scaled up to the high school level or scaled down to work at the elementary level.
Participants will leave this workshop with a better understanding of the Move-Connect-Learn philosophy as well as some practical applications to immediately incorporate these concepts into their classrooms.  Please come be an active participant and share your expertise, experience, and energy with your colleagues. Links to all of the presentation activities will also be provided.

Where: Maize South Middle School

When: June 12th, 2019 9:00 am to 3:00 pm



KAHPERD Members: $40 + $5 Process Fee

Non-KAHPERD Members: $85 includes Registration and Membership fee

College Credit is available ONSITE through Baker University - $80.00


Graduate Credit Syllabus


Graduate Credit Registration


Graudate Credit Requirements:


  1. Plan a lesson implementing a strategy learned at the workshop to be turned in to instructor
  2. Participate in a FlipGrid sharing thoughts about learning (different strategy than above) that can be implemented in your classroom. Identify at least on modification to the activity.
  3. Write a 3-page reflection of the workshop and the learnings that took place. Discuss the sessions you attended and what you learned or how you could implement pieces from that session into your classroom.



Class Attendance & Participation                                                       20%

Complete lesson plan                                                                        20%

Complete FlipGrid assignment                                                          30%

Summative written evaluation/summary of learning                           30%

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