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KAHPERD has launched a new campaign called Move To Give to offer schools a flexible fundraising opportunity while also giving back to their community, supporting quality physical education, and promoting healthy and active lifestyles to students, families, and faculty.


By hosting a KAHPERD-sponsored Move To Give event at your school, you can support students’ social-emotional learning by connecting them to important causes in your community such as your local food pantry, United Way, local health organizations, animal shelters, or any range of other organizations of your choosing. Your school may also choose to use to the money raised to support your school’s funding of field trips, playground improvements, assembly guest speakers, technology devices, recess and physical education equipment, flexible seating, or other building improvements. It’s your choice!


KAHPERD will support your event by providing event and planning resources, signage to help promote the event, an ambassador to help give assistance with planning or other aspects of your event, and will offer teacher incentives as a thank you for hosting an event. The majority of funds raised will stay with the school to be used at its discretion, receiving 80% of the total funds raised, while the remaining 20% of funds will go back to KAHPERD, which is used to support its mission of providing quality physical education to Kansas students through school grants, teacher professional development, and legislative advocacy.

This does not obligate you to host an event but gives KAHPERD an early indication of the number of schools interested in hosting an event.

If you have interest in hosting a Move To Give event in the during the 2019-2020 school year, please fill out the following google form:

Move To Give 19-20


7125 SW 17th St. | Topeka, KS 66615  | 417 483-3273